GE Discovery LS 16 PET/CT

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Date updated: November 16, 2016

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PET/CT by GE Discovery LS 16 

YOM 2006 
Available Now 
Single Console 
Xeleris Functional Imaging Processing and Review System 
Performix Tube 
Patient Table 2269165, 
5.2 GB DVD Multi-Recorder 
LightSpeed 3X Software 
GE PET Advance NXi 
Advanced Pet System - EMC Electronics Cabinet (Cab1) 
Data Acquisition System MDAS_H14_16 

Ring diameter: 93 cm 
Number of crystals: 12096 
Crystal composition: BGO 
Crystal size: 4 x 8 x 30 mm 
Axial fov: 152 mm 
Number of crystals per pmt (# of rings): 18/dual-anode PMT (9/anode) 
System sensitivity: 200,000 (2-D), 1,150,000 (3-D) cps/µCi/cc 
Scatter fraction: 10% (2-D), 35% (3-D) 
Maximum count rate, cps @ 50% dead time: 425,000 cps @ 160 kBq/mL (2-D), 410,000 cps @ 26 kBq/ml (3-D); NECR 

Other characteristics: 
Numeric display of count rate and elapsed time, dual operator controls on each side of gantry, 
footswitch for scan start, 
wide array of patient positioning accessories 
Image uniformity: <8% (2-D), <10% (3-D) 
Coincidence window: 12.5 nsec 
Reconstruction time: 1 second (128 x 128, 2-D), 2 seconds (256 x 256, 2-D), 9 min (3-D) 
CT/PET fusion 
Advantage 4-D for CT gating 
SimMD for multi modality simulation 
Lung VCAR 
Cortex ID for neurology studies 
Transaxial fwhm: 
1 cm rad, statny: 4.8 (Transaxial fwhm) 
10 cm rad, statny: 5.4 (6.2 @ 20 cm) (Detector Performance) 
Axial fwhm: 
1 cm radius: 4 (Axial fwhm) 
10 cm radius: 5.4 (Detector Performance) 
Energy resolution: 20% 
FDA Clearance: Yes 

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