GE Discovery STE PET/CT

Condition: Used- Excellent

Date updated: November 16, 2016

In Stock: Yes


Acquisition modes: 3D and 4DMax.

Weight: 500 Lbs

PET Peak NECR: 76 kcps @ 15 kBq/cc (3D)

PET Sensitivity: 9.1 cps/kBq (3D)

Reconstruction engine: IBM BladeCenter

Slice: 16


2006 PET/CT Discovery STE Gantry , crystals 8x6 BGO 
Tube Performix (Housing Model: 2137130-2 Insert Model: 2120785-2) 
Last Tube Replacement: May 2012 
Tube Count (Sec/MAS): 80M 
Detector Type: GDAS8 
Generator Type: NGPDU 
Console: GOC3 
Software Level/Release: Discovery STE: dm09_hl2sp1.23.H2_P_G8_G_HPT:8x6_bgo 
Software options: Data Export, Copy Composer, Volume Viewer, PET Cardiac Review, PET Dynamic Review, PET 2D, PET Diagnostic CT, PET Base, Power 440, Smart Speed, 90Kva, Direct-3D, Smart Prep, PET Cardiac, Thin Twin Helical, Patient-8-slice, WideView, Exam Split, PET 3D Iterative Recon, Rad_Rx, PET Cardiac Shift and ACQC. 

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