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GE Optima 360 MRI Scanner

“Zero-Boil-Off” Magnet

First installation: 09.2013

Channels: 16

Software options:

Neuro package : BOLD-EPI, Ready Brain, 2D/3D MERGE, BRAVO, 2D FIESTA & FIESTA C, SWAN 2.0, Neuro

Expert package

Cardio Expert package : 3D FatSat FIESTA, Tagging, 2D Delayed Enhancement, FGRE Time Course, 3D


Angio package : Smart Angio, SSFSE-XL and 3D FRFSE, vascular expert package

Body package : 3D DUAL ECHO, LAVA, ASSET and ARC, body expert package

Parallel imaging : 3D- surface display, “Functool Performance”

Post-processing package : MR Pasting


MSK Advance package

Coils: Extremity, Flex S 4CH, Flex L 4CH, Head, Neurovaskular Array, Anterio Array, Shoulder Array, TMJ Array,

Foot Array, Wrist Array, Knee Array

The system is under full manufacturer service till date of deinstallation

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