GE Infinia hawkeye Nuclear Gamma Camera

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Date updated: November 16, 2019

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The system is offered together with installation for a fair and ocasional price now by MTC 
Infinia hawkeye details : 
-Computer platform is HP5000 series 
-operating system windows XP/2000 
-free geometry 360deg detectors orientation 
-auto body contouring scans 
- attenuation correction, 
-FAM – Functional Anatomical Mapping 
-2 lcd monitors patient positioning monitor and operator's monitor 
-collimators LEHR (low energy high resolution) 
- clinical application: general NM purposes : static, dynamic, whole body, multi gated spect, gated spect, w/b spect, 180 deg whole body, patiend stand or on chair acquisition ability. 
-enery range 40-500 kev 

Work station : Xeleris 
The Xeleris processing station is capable to run all the Infinia clinical applications and to communicate with all other dicom platform 
-Functional anatomical fusion for the hawkeye analysis *real SPECT/CT* 
-general spect and Gspect processing 
-cardiac protocols : cardiac spect, qgs/qps, myospect, perfusion motion correction, ejection fraction analysis, 1st pass, sp gspect proc., motion correction, bpgs, 
-renal analysis 
-bone protocols wb spots review, bone spect 
-oncology & infection protocols 
-gastrointestinal protocols. 
-pulmonary protocols. 
-brain protocols. 
-miscellaneous protocols , thiroid , 3d and others 
Accessories : ECG trigger , optional 

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