Philips CT 16 Slice 2016 (new)

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Date updated: 15/01/2020

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Philips CT 16 Slice 2016 new system never used!!! 
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Details : Date of Creation March
2017 , System Serial Number 50XXX, System Identifier 989096B82XXX , Service Tag C25XXXX
, Software Version 3.6 , Slices 16
Rate Responsive CV Toolkit p/n 455011203161 MCU1041
Rate Responsive CV Toolkit p/n 455011203161 NCTB870/NCTC985
Basic Options
Description Part Number Philips P.N.
2*0.6, 4*4.5mm Slice Modes Barcode Reader 455011205181 NCTA064
Bolus Tracking 455011201071 NCTA093
CD Writer 453567067301 NCTA013
DICOM Modality Worklist 455011201521 NCTA015
Dual Monitor 455012902391/455011205311/455011205321 NCTC520/NCTC523/NRTE015
DVD-RAM Storage NCTB210
MRC X-ray tube, 8.0 MHU
Prefetch Study/OrganID/Auto Procedure 455012901811
SAS – Spiral Auto Start 453567102371 NCTA094
Scan Tools
ScanTools Pro NCTA004
Split Study 455011204211 NCTA700
Ultra Hi-Res Matrices 455011201091
Description Part Number Philips P.N.
0.4 sec Rotation 455011201211 NCTA068
Barcode Reader 455011205181 NCTA064
Calcium Scoring 455011202721 NCTA920
Cardiac Viewer(Cardiac Review) 455011205631 NCTB190
CT Reporting 455011205261 NCTA690
Dual Monitor Configuration NCTC520
MRC X-ray tube, 8.0 MHU
Prospective Gating 455011201511
Retrospective tagging 455011201051
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