TOSHIBA Aquilion 64 CT Scanner

Condition: Used - Good

Date updated: Sep, 2020

In Stock: Yes


Gantry diameter: 72 cm

Generator: X-ray generator

kV range: 80, 100, 120 and 135 kVp

Maximum scan range (cm): 1800

Minimum rotation speed: 0.4

Slices: 4

Tube heat capacity: 4.0 MHU


Brilliance 16 slice CT Philips 
Rate Responsive CV Toolkit , Scan Tools Pro 
Basics:, 2*0.6, 4*4.5mm Slice Modes , MRC X-ray tube, 6.0 MHU Scan Tools 
Options Description: Concurrent User Count, 0.4 sec Rotation, Advanced Brain Perfusion, AVA Stenosis, AVA Stent Planning, Bolus Tracking, Calcium Scoring, Cardiac Viewer(Cardiac Review), CD Writer, CT Reporting, DICOM Modality Worklist, Dual Monitor Configuration, DVD-RAM Storage, Lung Nodule Assessment, Prefetch Study/OrganID/Auto Procedure, Prospective Gating, RapidView for Cardiac 20ips, Retrospective tagging, SAS – Spiral Auto Start, Split Study, Ultra Hi-Res Matrices, Virtual Colonoscopy 

Brilliance™ Everywhere for EBW 
3D, MIP, MPR , CD Writer , DICOM support for CR/RF/NM/MR , Q-CTA QuantitativeCT Measurement Tool Pack 
Added options: Advanced Brain Perfusion, AVA Stenosis, AVA Stent Planning, Calcium Scoring, Cardiac Viewer(Cardiac Review), Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis, Expert & Pro Enhancement, CV Enhancement, CT Reporting, Dual Monitor, DVD-RAM Storage, Lung Nodule Assessment, Virtual Colonoscopy 
CT Viewer Dynamic Viewer, 
Added options: Portal Adv Brain Perfusion , Portal AVA Stenosis , Portal AVA Stent Planning , Portal CT Reporting , Portal Lung Nodule Assessment , Portal Virtual Colonoscopy 

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